Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Again-Braid Crown Tutorial

Vintage hair is the new modern do! What’s so amazing about hair and fashion is that current styles are often returning trends from the past or other cultures. These looks are  transformed into chic, modern styles that are showing up on current runways. Braid crowns and halos have been popular for the last few years and becoming the new do again. For that chic, unique, boho look, the braid crown is the perfect addition to your modern hairstyles!

  • First split your hair right down the middle- get as close to a perfect line as you can. Don't stress if its not exact:)
  • Start at the nape of your neck and braid forward towards your forhead and tie off the end with an elastic band, pictured in {step 1+2}.
  • Braid the second side down the the head like a normal inverted french braid and tie with an elastic, pictured in {step 3}.
  • Wrap the first braid around the front of the head like a headband and pin into place with bobby pins.
  • Wrap the second braid around the back of the head and tuck the end underneath the first braid and fasten with bobby pins, pictured in {step 4}
  • Pull a few pieces of hair out around the face to create a more messy, modern look.
  • Toss on a pretty dress or a classy tee to complete the look! Enjoy! 
Thanks to our gorgeous client Ariel for modeling!:) This is a braid crown is seriously so simple! Don't be afraid to try! If you have any questions we would love to hear from you! Have a great Wednesday!
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