Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Messy Bow Tutorial

Love bows? We are in love with bows here at Suggestions! Learn how to create your own cute half up hair bow to give you a new fancy look!

{Step by Step to create a Messy Bow}
1. First take one small section of hair from each side of your head. The bigger your sections are, the bigger the bow.
2. Tie the two sections together with an elastic to create a half ponytail.  Don't pull the ends through the elastic like the first picture.
3. Split the loop in half to create two smaller loops.
4. Use your fingers to spread out the loop and push it flat against your head into a bow shape. Use bobby pins to shape each side of the bow the way you want it to lay on your head.
6. Pick up the remaining ends of the ponytail and wrap them up and around the elastic to hide it.  Secure it with bobby pins underneath. Pull it out and make it loose if you want a messy look!

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-Suggestions Salon