Saturday, March 15, 2014


Redken has just introduced a new line of cream-polmades and this is one my new favorites! With long hair still a trend, this product will appeal to most clients!

This is a soft, and movable cream that will keep those nasty fly-always at bay! It won't separate like a traditional polmade will, so it is ideal for static crazed days or when you want to look a little more polished. I will be using this product to accentuate those beachy, loose waves. This will add shine to those dull and frizzy ends to make your hair look healthy and illuminoius. Having said that, don't get too carried away with this product on your roots as it will make it look greasy at the end of the day. You may apply this with wet, or dry hair! Most people wouldn't think of using a polmade while your hair is pre-styled, but this can create more control and less shine. You may also mix this with other products if you are looking for more hold or volume! Some of my favorite styling products are little cocktails of a few of my favorites.
I am so exited for a cream based product that is targeted toward longer hair. It's about time! Redken is always on top of their game.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Product Rundown - QUICK TEASE

Who doesn't love a little volume?! Lets be honest...We live in Utah! If you were to ask any one of our stylists here are Suggestions Salon, Quick Tease would be on each of our lists for our must have products!  This is like a magic potion in a beautiful aerosol bottle! Please let me explain my excitement...

This product has a medium hold. This means that you may use it liberally without it getting crunchy! It also goes on sheer, making it virtually impossible to over-apply. 

It will extend the life of a blow-out while leaving a refreshing feel on the hair.

It adds texture. We have all had those days when you have great voluminous hair in the morning, then an hour later it is FLAT! So frustrating!!! You need some grip texture on your roots to give your tease something to make love to. But what if teasing your hair is not your style? Thats okay! You can still spray it on your roots and it will give you an illusion of thicker hair with no teasing at all!

You don't ever have to worry about this product making your hair look greasy. This gives you a matte look and will even double for a lightweight dry shampoo, making it so it will absorb those evil oily roots!

And I know this is all secretely the most important thing... It has a cool, revitalizing fragrance that neutralizes oder! Don't lie, you always do a test spray to see what it smells like.

This product FLIES off our shelves, so make sure to snag it as fast as you can at your next appointment before you have to wait for our next shipment!!!