Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Every girl needs their nails polished. And now, you can have perfect nails for a week!!

This has been tried and tested by our stylists here and we all LOVE it! Our hands are ALWAYS in the water and have chemicals on them and it still lasts!! There are two main things that sell this product all on its own! 1. The cost is so low! only $9.90 for a bottle!!  2. You don't need a bottom coat! All you need to do is buff off the shiny layer of your nails, paint color, and throw on the Vinylux top coat! They have tons of cute colors to choose from for every mood and event you have going on it your lives! So please, do your nails a favor and have perfect nails for a week!

And for the month of February, you can get a polish for only $10 with any service done!