Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Hair Trends


Bangs are the perfect way to frame your face this season. Weather full fringe, side swept, square or round bangs, they are the ultimate fall accessory. 

The Polished Pony

Perfectly pulled back, polished looks are in this fall. You can prep the hair with REDKEN Argon oil to  proven frizz and add shine. You may want to flat iron and wrap your hair around your pony tail holder to get the finished "Polished Pony".

A calmed version of the retro-updo takes the stage this fall with plenty of volume and back combing. REDKEN Quick Tease would be the perfect product to help you achieve a similar look. Finish the look with a simple ribbon or headband. 

Natural Low Volume Texture

Fine hair finally gets to shine this season with a low volume natural look. A care free inspired look is a great option this fall. The hair lays more flat against the scalp with an imperfect part to give you a sleeker silhouette and show off your natural texture. 

Braids, Twists, and lots of Texture

We are seeing hair manipulated in all directions this fall. Either half up, knotted at the back, braided at the crown or in an up do. Try a twist on the classics this season for a look with ultimate texture. 

If you have questions on any of these fall looks or want to get in with one of our talented stylists, call us for an appointment and we will style you right for fall!